Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 2 and 3 (final) of our niece visiting us in VT!

What a special blessing it was to have our niece Paige come and spend a few days with us!  We miss her terribly already! 
Saturday began with a fishing trip with Uncle Matt...
And then we went to the ECHO center to learn about Lake Champlain...

and its huge fish...

and of course CHAMP!
Some ducks along the waterfront.

A much deserved creemee!

Time for a nap on the car ride home.

Collecting the chicken eggs.

A friendly game of badmidton.
Our bonfire (I bet that Christi wished she could have been here)!

Enjoying a smore or two or three!

Aunt Ami and Paige.

After a late night of bonfire and then movie watching, Joseph decided that he would be Aunt Ami's wake up call!          Can you tell by his big smile that he enjoyed it?

And he just had to wake cousin  Paige up too!

Some pool fun in the hot sun!

Paige's big find.

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