Monday, July 25, 2011

Love to see God at work!!!

Yesterday Matt and I had the pleasure of being involved in our churches youth camp - Youth Explosion: I am responsible!  A very special young lady in our life, Becca (Joseph's birthmother) came to share her testimony with 60 youth.  In an interview with Pastor Terry Dorsett, Becca shared about her life growing up in a Christian home and about some of the choices that she made that drew her away from God.  These included getting involved with drugs, smoking cigarettes, having a relationship with a boyfriend that led to her having sex and the consequence of that decision was an unplanned pregnancy at age 17.  Becca shared about her struggle to parent Joseph over the first three months of his life and of the ever important decision that she made to ultimately place Joseph up for adoption.  Becca's message about God's grace and unfailing love for us and how we can be made a "new creation" in Him was very powerful and touched many hearts (including mine)!  She has made some great new connections with some of the teens that were at the event and hopes to be able to continue to be used by God to help those teens come out of the "pits" that they are in and see that they are loved by God and that they can turn from the bad choices that they have made and become "new creations" in Him just like she has.

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