Monday, September 19, 2011

The Grapes Have Been Picked!

The grapes have been picked from our vineyard!  A special thank you to Dad Curtis for all of his work in the vineyard this year (mowing, pruning, etc)!  Also a BIG thank you to Dad Curtis, Mom Curtis, Dave Bruce and Kenzi Bruce for helping us pick and sort the grapes (and watching Joseph so that he didn't eat ALL of the grapes as we picked them)!  The grapes have been crushed and the fermenting process has begun!
St. Croix grapes

Matt picking...

Dad Curtis picking...

Me picking...

Joseph trying to help - he ate far more grapes than he should have (ripe or not)!

The grape picking crew minus Matt!

Grandma Curtis keeping a close eye on Joseph - THANK YOU!!!

Pretty sure that Joseph is thinking..."Do we really have to make these into wine?"

St. Croix and Lacrosse grapes ready to be squished and made into wine.

Joseph fell asleep eating lunch after a busy morning of "helping" in the vineyard!

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