Sunday, February 26, 2012

Noises ( & Smells)

My family just finished eating our lunch and then Matt and I decided to hang out on the floor for a minute while Joseph played a bit before we put him down for nap.  In ten short minutes I heard more noises and smells than I cared to E-V-E-R!  One dog gagging, then sneezing (in my face) and breathing over my head with stinky breath as I lay on the floor. A son who was screaming (just for fun) and passing gas (stinky)!  And last but not least, a husband burping in my ear (always pleasant) and laughing as all of the other noises and smells occured!   Now for a little peace and quiet while Joseph naps and Matt takes the dogs for a run.  I would say that it is well deserved, wouldn't you?

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