Monday, March 12, 2012

Homemade Pinata

With Joseph's 2nd birthday party around the corner it was time to start thinking about games that could be played at his party and what is a party without a pinata!  I'll admit it, I'm cheap!  I knew that I could make Joseph a pinata for WAY less than they sell them for in the store and I was right.  My homemade pinata cost me $2.00 and both the making of the pinata and this how to blog were completed in one nap time - sorry -  that's mom lingo for less than three hours!

One side of the finished product.

The other side of the finished product.   Read on for step by step instructions of how to make a homemade pinata.

Cut out two round circles of cardboard for the front and back of the pinata as well as several long strips of cardboard for the sides.

Tape the strips along the edge of one side of the pinata.

Place the other circle on top and tape around it.  I started by using packing tape and then ran out and moved on to duck tape.

Don't forget to leave an opening to put the candy in!

Since the cardboard is pretty rugged stuff, I took a pair of scissors and made a few slits to help the kiddos out.

Here's the fun part...decorating the pinata!  The $2 that I spent for this project were for the red and blue streamers (and I still have plenty leftover for party decorating). I printed a Thomas the Train clip art photo that I used for Joseph's invitations so that I could add something train related to the pinata.

I took strips of streamers and cut some fringe in them and then glued them in layers on the pinata.

To finish off the pinata, I cut strips of red construction paper to cover the edges and then I glued on the posters I printed.

After I fill the pinata with goodies, I will close up the opening and make a few holes to tie a string through for hanging.

Super easy and I just know that the kids at the party will have fun smashing it to get to the goodies inside!!

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