Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy 40th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Yesterday family and friends joined my husband, son, my sister Lisa and I in celebrating our parents 40th Anniversary aboard the Newport Belle on Lake Memphremagog captained by my Unlce Bill and Aunt Nancy!

The Newport Belle.

My sister, dad, mom and I.

The cake/guest book table.  My sister made the cake.

The food table.  My sister and I prepared all of the food the day before the party (it took us 8 hours but it was a lot of fun)!

My dad checking out the wine table.

Mom and dad looking at the book that my sister and I made them.

Joseph and I watching out the window as the boat leaves the dock.

Joseph with his daddy enjoying a watermelon ball.

Joseph driving the boat with Captain (Uncle) Bill.

Aunt Nancy giving a guided tour of the lake.

My sister giving an anniversary toast to my parents.

Me giving a thank you and Happy Father's Day speech.

My parents dancing to James Taylor's " You've Got A Friend" with Joseph.

Cake cutting.

Cake feeding.

The Newport Belle.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad ~ August 19, 1972!

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