Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Look Who Is Sleeping In His Big Boy Bed!

I put Joseph down for his nap this afternoon and I could hear him on the baby monitor playing in his crib as he usually does before he falls asleep. He was safely confined in his crib so I went outside for a minute to cover the sandbox and pick up some of his toys before the predicted rain came.  When I came back inside I looked into his room and I didn't see him in the crib - panic - then I look around his room and see that he is laying in his big boy bed.  He looks up at me and smiles.  I said "OK, looks like you are napping in your bed and not the crib.  Go to sleep and I will see you after nap."  I then called Matt at work to tell him what just happened and we both agree the crib era is over in our house and it will be coming down tonight.  We can't have Joseph climbing out of his crib, it's just not safe.  He played in his bed and got on and off his bed, playing in his room for a good hour.  I told him more than a few times that  "it is nap time and you need to stay in your bed."  Since my words were not working, I made myself comfortable at the opposite end of his bed with a good book and told him to lay down and go to sleep. Five minutes later he was sound asleep!

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