Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quite A Pair

Three weeks ago one of our Buff Orpington chickens jumped off a perch in our chicken coop and broke her leg. We thought that she was a gonner (is that a word?).  She is now referred to as the "sick chicken."  We moved her into her own fenced in yard and built a little shelter for her.  We thought that she would have the best chance of recovering if the other chickens weren't constantly pecking at her.  She has made nearly a full recovery - thank you God (yes, we pray for our chickens, in fact we pray for all of our animals every night).

This morning the "sick chicken" got a roommate!  We figured that before we intergrated the "sick chicken" back in with the other chickens that we would introduce a roommate or two into her space so that when we finally do integrate the "sick chicken" back in with the rest of the chickens that they won't be able to tell that she was the injurred bird (otherwise they might gang up on her and peck her to death).  Chickens are ruthless!

So, the "sick chickens" roommate is one of our Rhode Island Reds who has had a fair amount of hen pecking done to her (as you can tell). 

I think that they make quite a with a bum leg and the other missing lots of feathers and probably relieved to have a little reprieve from the other chickens.  I think that they will quickly come to a mutual leave me alone, I'll leave you alone.

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