Monday, November 12, 2012

Another Beautiful Day

We are enjoying another beautiful day - high of 69 {a new record for our area}!  So naturally we went outside to enjoy it!

We seem to have an endless supply of leaves around this year {even after all the raking that we have done this fall} so I raked up a big pile and put it at the bottom of Joseph's slide.  This entertained Joseph for a LONG time!


When I finally got tired of raking the leaves back into a pile for Joseph to slide into, we went over to the garden to feed the chickens some bread.  Every week we pick up a cheap loaf of white bread (yuck) at the store and we feed the chickens a few slices nearly every day.  We break the slice of bread into tiny pieces and throw it in through the fence and the chickens eat it right up...

 ...and sometimes Joseph eats it up too!

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