Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Won't You Join Me...

In supporting my dear friend {and sister in Christ} Becca as she begins a new adventure in her life.  Becca has been accepted into the Youth With A Mission {YWAM} Engage Discipleship Training School for 24 weeks.  Becca will travel to YWAM's main campus in Hawaii on January 3rd to begin twelve weeks of studying the Word of God and getting to know Him more deeply so that she can then go with a YWAM team to a cross cultural environment for twelve weeks to serve those in need and to share the gospel with the lost and hurting.  While serving in this environment, Becca may have the possibility of doing some of the following: teaching English, running a clinic, digging a well, playing with children in orphanages, speaking and connecting with those trapped in the sex trafficking industry or sharing her testimony!

I am so excited to see the Lord send Becca on this adventure.  Becca has a heart to share her story of growing up in a Christian home, falling away from God and making some poor decision which caused her to end up pregnant as a teenager, to making the decision to place her baby up for adoption {that's where our paths met and I am forever grateful for the gift she gave my husband and I} and how she has now turned her life around and is living for Christ thanks to His grace and redemption!  Her heart is filled with love for God and all that He has done for her and with compassion to reach the lost and show them the love and forgiveness that God has graciously given her.

Won't you join me in praying for Becca as she follows Gods calling on her life?  She also has a rather large financial need ~ if you feel led to help her with her goal of $8500, please let me know and I will tell you how you can get your donation to Becca.  

Thank you!

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