Saturday, April 27, 2013

16 {again}!

Yesterday, I celebrated my 34th 16th birthday {again}!  All week my little boy has been saying that his mommy is turning for me!

We took Joseph to his three year check-up at the doctors today.  The VERY BEST birthday gift I received was that Joseph is healthy and growing just as he should be!

We stopped at the State House to take some pictures and pay a quick visit to Matt's Mom who works there.

Love my guys!

Waiting for our dinner at Sarducci's.

Joseph and his Daddy watching Joseph's pizza bake in the wood oven.

Creemee's at the Dairy Creme...our first of the season!

Joseph enjoying his first ever was too much ice cream and Mommy and Daddy had to help him eat it!
I had an amazing birthday!  Thirty-four will be a good year, I just know it!

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