Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Doing Life" Together

This week we held our first Faith Community Church Community Group in our home.  The Bible talks about gathering for fellowship, food, getting into the Word together and praying and caring for one another and that is exactly what our Community Group is doing {Acts 2:46-47}!

We enjoyed a wonderful spread of food.

We sang a few worship songs accompanied by one of our group members on the guitar and then Matt and I shared our "life story". We shared about how faithful God has been to us since we surrendered our lives to Him ~ even when we had lots of questions and thought that God was going about things all wrong or not the way that we wanted ~ He is always faithful!  The most awesome thing that God has done was that He used a snow fort that Matt and I built one winter day in 2005 out of boredom to literally change our lives forever.  Nearly five years after we built that snow fort a young lady walked into an adoption agency and saw the snow fort  photo below and selected Matt and I to parent her unborn child.  It still amazes me that God used that snow fort to bring our son into our lives {and yes, I cried telling about it}!

We ended with a sweet time of prayer putting our trust and hope in God for numerous praise reports to be given next week when we meet again!

Our group is "kid friendly" and one of the lovely ladies in our group and her precious daughter created this fun box for the kids!

We can't wait to "do life" with this amazing group of individuals!

* If you attend Faith Community Church and are not yet plugged into one of the many Community Groups being offered, I would encourage you to get plugged in!  *

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