Monday, July 1, 2013

dollar vs. twenty-five cents

my dad stopped over last night and gave Joseph a $1 for his piggy bank.  Joseph said he didn't want it so my dad offered him 25¢ instead.  he was all excited about the 25¢.

i thought, time for a money lesson!  i told him that the $1 was worth more than the 25¢.

Matt said "he doesn't know what "worth" means." was i going to explain a $1 versus 25¢ to a three year old?

so...this is what i said...if you went to the store to buy an ice cream bar with 25¢ you would only get one bite of the ice cream bar. if you went to the store with a $1 you could buy an entire ice cream bar.  now, Joseph, which would you rather have 25¢ or $1?

$1 wins!  smart boy!!

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