Friday, March 21, 2014


Warning: This is one of those "TMI" posts.

Nearly two weeks ago Joseph decided that he was officially a "Big Boy" and he gave up his pull-ups in exchange for pooping on the potty.  This has been a long, long, long, long {did I say LONG??}time coming.  He has been peeing on the potty for over a year and a half but for whatever reason was afraid to poop on the potty.  We made a very big deal of this accomplishment having a special movie night and eating lots of chocolate chip cookies to celebrate!  Joseph also made a few phone calls to a few special people letting them know that he "pooped on the potty!"  He was so proud of himself!  A BIG thank you to those who got the "I pooped call" for playing it up and acting just as excited as we rock!

Way to go Joseph and so long pull-ups!

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