Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vacation has come to an end...celebrating Asher's birthday!

Like all good things, vacation must come to an end.  We had fun together as a family this past week and accomplished nearly everything on our "To Do" list - what a great feeling!  
Joseph has two more teeth than he did when we began our vacation.  I think that it goes without saying that Matt and I are very tired as new teeth for Joseph meant sleepless nights for us!  Joseph is working on yet another new tooth so I fear that more sleepless nights are in our immediate future.
Today we celebrated Asher's 6th birthday with creemees - our family tradition!  He (and Anna) even got baths to celebrate (Asher is hoping that this isn't a new tradition).
Already looking forward to our next vacation later this summer! : )

Joseph trying out his new tunnel...

and his new tent!

Joseph in his big boy camping chair!  Too cute!
Asher on our ride home from his birthday creemee!

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