Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We are enjoying a wonderful week together as a family.  We made the decision to stick close to home this vacation and cross off some of the "To Do" house/yard related items from our ever growing list which I won't bore you with.  But of course we are sneaking in some fun too!
Joseph's first "taste" of sand in his new turtle sandbox...yuck!

He loves his new sandbox!
Taking the dogs for a swim at the North Montpelier Boat Launch.

Matt and Joseph watching the dogs swim!

Today we visited Boulder Beach in Groton - Joseph wasn't sure what to think at first...

But he quickly realized that the water (as cold as it was) was his favorite place to be!

Taking a break from swimming to have some lunch.

My two favorite people in the world!

Joseph loved it when Matt would spin him around in the water so that he could kick his legs!

Joseph sitting in the water!  I think that we will have to go back again soon - we had such a fun time.

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