Monday, August 22, 2011

Letters To Joseph

When Joseph first became our son a friend of the family gave us this journal as a gift.  She told us that when her children were babies that she began writing letters to them in a journal and when they went off to college that she gave the journal to them as a gift.  I thought that this idea was fantastic and I began writing letters to Joseph immediately (when he was four months old).  Today I thought that I would write Joseph a letter to capture all of the wonderful "first" experiences that we shared last week while on vacation.  I was shocked to open the journal and learn that my last letter to Joseph was back in February!  Where did the time go?  Needless to say the letter that I wrote to Joseph today was long, very long!  I had so much to catch up on including his first birthday, various visits to VT from family members, all of the wonderful (and not so wonderful) things that he has learned to do in the past six months and then finally about our vacation.  My hope (and prayer) is that I can make it more of a priority to write letters to Joseph much more frequently. 

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