Thursday, February 9, 2012

Construction Tub

Today's fun activity was playing in a tub of cracked corn with construction vehicles and a shovel.  I found this idea on Pinterest and thought, why not, we have cracked corn because we feed it to our chickens.  I wondered how messy it would be (and so did Matt - he thought that I was crazy for doing this inside) and until the last five minutes of play time I would have given the activity a 4 on a messy scale of 1 to 10. Then Joseph decided to get in the tub and my rating quickly shot up to a 10.  He was covered in powder from the corn and my floor, despite my blanket had quite a bit of cracked corn on it.  After a quick outfit change and a sweeping of the floor we are back to normal.  Despite the mess I would totally do this again, it entertained Joseph for a full hour!

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