Saturday, February 11, 2012

Going Fishin'

This morning we surprised my father by visiting him at Curtis Pond in Calais where he was doing a bit of ice fishing.  Then we came home and made our own "Curtis Pond" and Joseph did a little fishing of his own. 

Checking out my Dad's catch in the bucket.

Joseph going fishin'.

Joseph checking out Grandpa's catch (and no, I didn't reel that fish in - wink, wink)!

Are they still alive Grandpa?
I created "fish" out of construction paper and taped paper clips to the back of the fish.
I made a fishing pole out of a stick, some string and a magnet and put the fish in "Curtis Pond."
Joseph fishin'

Look Grandpa - I caught two fish at once!  I bet you can't do that!

Time for a fish fry!  I guess that Joseph isn't a catch and release kind of guy, just like his Grandpa!

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