Monday, April 30, 2012


Let me begin this blog post by saying that several months ago when we would pray at dinner, Joseph DID NOT want to hold his mommy and daddy's hands so we just folded our hands in our lap instead.  Over the last few days he has been all about holding hands while we pray at dinner.  Today at lunch time Matt and I began eating our food and Joseph looked up at me and said "hands."  We are blessed that Matt works close enough to come home and eat lunch with us every day but we have less than 30 minutes with him so as you can imagine lunch time is crazy/busy and we don't take the time to pray before we eat.  I know, a lousy excuse, God isn't ever too busy for us so we shouldn't be too busy for Him!  This was a very humbling experience for me...especially because it came from my two year old.  Needless to say, Matt and I stopped eating and prayed (and will continue to do so at lunch time)!

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