Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Colds Are The Worst!

A few days ago I started coming down with a head cold.  Guess who has it now?  Yep, you guessed it...Joseph!  His nose is running like a faucet (as is mine).  So after a pretty much sleepless night because Joseph couldn't breathe when he would lay down, we are all feeling pretty lazy and tired today. Matt has been the most productive running to the grocery store and drug store to pick up some medicine and much needed LOTION tissues for our sore noses!  When Matt got home with the groceries Joseph decided to help me put them away (kind of).  I gave him the cans to put in the cupboard but I guess he had his own thoughts about helping his mommy out.

He has been emptying, refilling, emptying, refilling (you get the picture) the cupboard for the last forty-five minutes!  Hey, at least he is entertaining himself, right?  Oh, and that container of popcorn has been back in the cupboard for WAY TO LONG!  Thanks for getting it for me Joseph!

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