Friday, June 29, 2012

Our North Carolina Adventure

We just got home from a road trip to North Carolina to visit Matt's sister Christi, her husband Jim and our niece Paige!  We had a wonderful adventure as you will see from the pictures in this post!

On our way to PA...the halfway point in our long drive to NC.

At ZooAmerica in PA.

At the hotel pool...good exercise after sitting in a car for 8 hours!

Back on the road to NC.

At Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium in NC.

At Fort Macon in NC.

Aunt Christi reading a book to Joseph.

The beach.

After lots of fun in NC we had to say good-bye and make the trek back home with our niece along for the ride.

At the Zoo in Maryland.

Visiting Hershey's Chocolate World.

We took the tasting adventure...yummy!

We are happy to be home and to have a few more days with our niece before she heads off to visit other family in Vermont.

A big THANK YOU to our parents who took care of all of our animals while we are away!

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