Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Fun Filled Few Days

We have thoroughly enjoyed having our niece with us the last few days!  We will be sad to see her move on to visit other family in Vermont but we are thankful that in two weeks she and her mom and dad will come visit us again for a few days before they head home to North Carolina.

On a nature walk.

A few games of Uno.

A game of Skipbo.

Lots of tree climbing.

Some fishing.

Nice catch.

Some swimming / rock collecting.

Joseph wearing his Grandpa's hat and his Grandpa wearing his hat.

She finally caught "Rocky the Rooster."

A quick photo on the state house steps.

Yummy (Matt only ate one of these, the other was for Joseph and I).

On a ride at the Waterbury 4th of July carnival.


We had hoped to bring her to church with us today but our car battery decided to die on us (so very thankful that this happened now and not while we were on our road trip to NC).  So instead we are spending the morning at home enjoying the sunshine.

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