Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spilled Milk

Ever have one of those days as a parent of a toddler when you just wanted to curl under a rock and hide?

Yep, this morning was one of those days for Matt and I!

After a few pretty minor terrible-two outbreaks in the grocery store, we head to the cashiers to check out.  This is usually Joseph's favorite part of shopping, he likes to put all of the food from our cart onto the conveyor belt and is always overly friendly and polite to the cashier.  

NOT today!

I put the two gallons of milk that we were planning to buy up on the conveyor belt and Joseph in yet another terrible-two outbreak grabbed it off the belt and dropped it on the floor spilling milk   

He was then taken out of the store by his Daddy while I was left behind to help deal with the mess!

How embarrassing!!

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