Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We have entered a new phase in life...playing family games.

We have started teaching Joseph how to play some of the classics: Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders and Ants in the Can.  It is a lot of fun to watch Joseph begin to grasp how to play these games.  Last night we played two games of Candy Land {I won both}.  One game of Chutes & Ladders {I won again}.  And one game of Ants in the Can {which I also won}.  Joseph's favorite game is Candy Land because he can pretty much play that one now without much assistance from Matt or I.  He still needs to learn that when you are just about to win the game and you pick the cupcake card, that is not a good thing as it sends you way back to the beginning.  At this point he is just happy to get one of the fun candy cards!  

We are trying to teach him that as fun as it is to win, that it is not about winning, it is about playing a game and spending time together.  So far I think that he gets it because when we finish a game we all high five and say good job everyone!  Last night he also said "Daddy, Mommy and Joseph play games, this is fun!"  So cute!

Now I don't consider myself a competitive person and I think that I lose quite gracefully, but did I mention that last night I. WON. ALL. OF. THE. GAMES!!

Do you have any toddler games to suggest that would be fun to teach Joseph?

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