Thursday, November 8, 2012

Life's Little Blessings

In the last week, I have really noticed how many little blessings God has given my family.

This past weekend we went to a local book store to drop off two boxes of my used novels to try to sell them.  On Tuesday I got a phone call that they were taking most of the books for a nice cash payout!

At the same time that we were dropping the books off to be looked at, a nearby store was having a used ski and skate sale.  Matt and I enjoy snowshoeing and had planned to buy Joseph his first pair of snowshoes for Christmas when we saw a used pair on sale for a quarter of what we would have spent buying him a new pair.  I cleaned them up and you would never know that they aren't brand new!!

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday and he has been wanting to learn to play guitar.  His parents blessed him with a guitar and I bought a learn to play system for him.  At his birthday party last night, his mom graciously agreed to play a few songs for us which we all enjoyed, especially a little two year old boy!  After everyone went home, Matt took out his guitar and began to play a few simple songs.  It is exciting to me to see Matt begin to learn something that he has talked about doing for years and to know that Joseph and I are going to enjoy it for years to come!

Today's blessing...even though Joseph usually wakes up around 6:15 for the day, he is still sleeping {it is 8:30 now}.  I am thankful that he is sleeping because he has been battling a cold all week and rest is so important for his little body!

Thank you God for the little blessings in life!

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