Friday, November 9, 2012

Please Welcome Me To The 21st Century!

Earlier this week, I joined the 21st century by getting a new cell phone.  Although people have picked on me for my old, out of date phone, it worked just fine for me over the last four years.

Yesterday my son thought that I was the coolest person in the world because I gave him my old phone to play with.  He mastered the camera function as well as typing numbers and erasing them when he would type too many!

But then Matt came home and got his new iphone up and running and gave Joseph his old phone...guess who stepped ahead of me in the "cool" category...yep, Matt!  Now Joseph knows how to play songs, take pictures, type and apparently set an alarm clock to some motorcycle noise at 7:00 this morning.

Kids are so darn smart!!  He does however need a little more work to perfect his photo taking skills.

Joseph taking a picture of himself.

Asher's Nose.

Asher's Eye.

So, now that I have an iPhone, can you all suggest some fun and helpful apps that I can download (not games)?  I already have Facebook (of course) and a bible app.

My old phone, Matt's old phone ~ Our new iPhones.

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