Monday, May 6, 2013

Run, Joseph & Matt, Run!

Yesterday Matt ran the Champlain Classic 15 K in Shelburne and Joseph ran his first ever race, a 1 K!  It was so fun cheering them both on with my cow bells!

Joseph did not want to wear his running "bib."  So we had to be creative and convince him to change his shirt {which we secretly pinned the number on the back of} right before the race began.

Matt pointing out the corner up ahead that leads to the finish line.

Run, Joseph & Matt, Run!

Proudly wearing his medal after finishing his race.  

Matt running his 15 K.

Joseph's 1 K time 7:10.  Matt's 15 K time 1:09:25.  Great job guys!!

One tuckered out little boy! ♥

A big "Thank You" to our family who came out in support on this special race day!

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