Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Today was all about the letter "B."

Joseph had fun bouncing balls, throwing and kicking balloons, tossing bean bags into a basket, gluing a blue "B" and putting a whole bunch of stickers of things that start with "B" on a piece of paper, reading books about big bears, bees, barns and bugs.  He listened to a little "baa, baa black sheep", enjoyed a banana snack and played with bubbles, a boat and a balloon in his pool.

We picked beans and blueberries from our garden and enjoyed a FaceTime call with Becca.  We baked brownies and banana bread {which worked out perfect since we have community group tonight and have to provide the snacks}!

Now to plan our "C" day tomorrow {this is kind of fun}!

A very big THANK YOU to the Bello family for the special blessing of some fun school supplies! Your family is the Best!!

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