Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Joy Filled Weekend

As I sit here and type this blog, my eyes are filled with tears of JOY!  Joy that God has blessed my family with an amazing relationship with this special lady but even more important than that, joy that she is following God's calling on her life!  

Her visit was filled with my husband telling Becca that she needed to devote her life fully to Christ and become a nun and Becca gently rebuking my husband about having a lousy attitude {you had to be there...but I can promise you that both conversations ended with much laughter}!    

Now, a few pictures of how we really spent this visit:
Becca can't come to VT without getting a creemee with us!

Joseph and Becca doing the "Rocky" thing at the State House.

So thankful that Rachael and Isaac were able to join us for an afternoon of games and food!

We enjoyed this visit so much and will surely miss Becca as she heads back to Hawaii to become a Youth With A Mission leader.  If you want to learn more about her YWAM journey, check out HER BLOG!  

Becca ~ May God richly bless you and protect you as you serve Him!  You are always in our thoughts and prayers! ♥

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