Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day!

I would like to wish my husband a very happy FIRST Father's Day!  We had a special day.  We visited both of our fathers and had the opportunity to spend lots of time together as a family (just the three of us)!  We spent a lot of time outdoors enjoying this beautiful day that the Lord made.  And as I type, my hubby is trying to get our little one to go to sleep for the night! 
Exploring in Grandpa & Grandma Curtis's field - with Asher and Anna!
 The boys playing with Joseph's new bubble lawn mower.
 If it only cut the grass instead of blowing bubbles!
 Joseph standing in the pool as it leans up against our house.
Who said a pool has to have water in it to be fun?
 Asher is really wishing that it had water in it (he's hot) and Joseph is wishing that Asher would get out of his pool!
 First time on his new bike.
 Reading stories with Dad (the same book over and over again)!
And we finish the day by getting creemee's at the Bragg Farm and sitting in the carriage!

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